Enjoying the Pilbara...

Enjoying the Pilbara...

Just went on a trip to the Pilbara for a short job with a client and I had forgotten how beautiful this place was, especially in winter.

Winter in the Pilbara
Winter sunrise – Pilbara style

Arriving on a Friday, I did the usual visit the office, drop my gear off and then I went looking for my site and drove down the Tom Price bitumen road.

“Do or Do Not. There is No Try — Yoda”

I remembered the famous quote by Yoda and took off the road to find an obscure turn off before a Floodway sign where it will lead me to a site I have never seen before, that was the directions given… Luckily being an Exploration Geologist, I found it and never got lost like accountants……

Winter in the Pilbara
The colours of the Pilbara are out in force.

After a day of locating drill sites and talking to the appropriate people to clear drill pads, it was back to see what has changed to the township of Karratha. The last time I was in Karratha (https://goo.gl/maps/chpkAwcWCqL2) for a decent time was in 2007. I had a brief stop nine months ago, but we were in the field all day, and all I saw was the night version.

My verdict is that they have taken away the swimming pool and built apartments. Apart from that, it is the same with the addition of KFC, Subway and MacDonalds. Oh and excellent pubs/restaurants that charge like a wounded bull :-).

The next day was spent making sure all was good with the earthworks, talk to the drillers and more photography.

Winter in the Pilbara
A sub-vertical looking rock unit.

I went wondering outside the drill area, as I always do, to see what I could be drilling into and I came up with these two beauties.

Winter in the Pilbara
Amygdaloidal basalt outcropping in the hills.


At a temperature in the high 20s Celsius, it was as perfect as you can get to do some geological wonderment. The Pilbara in my opinion is one of the best places to work; it just grows on you.

Winter in the Pilbara

The third morning is when I took my first sunrise photos, and it was a good morning. The drillers were a touch late…. 10 am…but who is counting.  Anyway, I enjoyed sitting around the weather and just relaxing, but it would have been good if I could have had a couple of coffee as well.

Winter in the Pilbara
Good morning Pilbara

The best part of this trip was the fact that a guy was mapping the area. We had many great discussions on what possibly could be happening here, and I was all ears to his thoughts. I was surprised that I had some excellent insights myself (always under appreciating my talents….). This help is the best part of exploration.

“It is a previlage to be an exploration geologist as you get paid to go to places people who pay lots of money will never get to go and experience the wondrous Australian outback.”

The job was over in a hurry, and it was back to photography and then having a mellow return to civilisation.

I look forward to the next job and hopefully a trip to a nice place and not some boring mine site……

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