Red Seagull Theory

The Red Seagull Theory


In amongst a flock of white seagulls, we make your idea the Red Seagull, highly visible and unique. 



Samso Philosophy in a Nutshell


Principally, Samso is a consulting company that delivers digital information to the market in terms of creating organic content.

Provide bespoke research as ‘Company Insights’ to allow clients to engage their investing audience.

The content is not meant to be in the form of a technical document but rather as a softer read for investors.

Presenting organic content in this form allows audiences to feel a real sense of sincerity allowing a business to stand out among the sea of social media traffic.



Proactive Investors Group

In addition to an already broad community of interest, we have formalised a partnership with Proactive Investors Group who have a unique monthly view of over 1.1 million, and the Australian Proactive website in the order of 70,000 monthly unique views.

We have experienced significant responses from our ‘Insights’ with literally thousands of respondents wanting to know more about a specific topic or client within a few days of posting.

This partnership gives Samso ‘Insights’ a presence on the Proactive Investors Australia site.  If you are already a member of Proactive Investors Group, it will be published on all their sites including Proactive US , Proactive UK, and Proactive Canada.  The Insights will also go to my network of equity institutions and sophisticated investors in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Beijing and Jakarta.  Samso’s profile can be seen on the Proactive site.


How Do We Do It?


Key factors which combined make us unique in the investment relationship space can be summarised below: