Coffee with Samso - Episode 033 - Diesel Nanoparticulates, A Genetic Consideration for Miners

Coffee with Samso - Episode 033 - Diesel Nanoparticulates, A Genetic Consideration for Miners

Two weeks ago, I was introduced to Chris Davis who is the champion of this issue in the West Australian mining Community. I was instantly interested to have a coffee with him.  In our conversation, the takeaway comment is that the nanoparticles can alter our genetic structure. This will mean that our future generations will suffer.

This episode of Coffee with Samso is a bit more scientific and a slight digression from the normal topic, however, I do believe that this is an important story.

In 2012 the UN World Health Organisation (WHO) declared that Diesel Exhaust Emissions are a Class 1 Carcinogen. Diesel Exhaust Emissions comprise of; Gaseous components (CO, NOx, SOx, HC etc) Particulate components- Diesel Particulate matter (DPM).

Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) is made up of Carbon soot chains ( a byproduct of the combustion process and are covered with solid metals, hydrocarbons, aldehydes and other chemicals.


The Problem of Diesel Nanoparticles.


Nano diesel particulate matter (nDPM) is so small it is described as being less than a hundredth of the width of a human hair. Being very small basically all below 1 micron (1000 nanometres) in diameter and the majority are less than 100 nanometres in diameter the human body has NO natural defence to particles this small, larger particles are trapped in the airways and lung, Nano diesel particulate matter (nDPM) “nanoparticles” pass directly from lungs to blood and can show up anywhere in the body. nDPM can pass directly from nose through nerves to the brain.

Clinical studies on the mechanism of translocation of ultrafine particles (UFPs) pathway for the cardiovascular effects of particulate air pollution. Nemmar et al Study, 2002 (figure right) This study confirmed that Nanoparticulate quickly translocates into the blood circulation of the body and as such can be traced around the entire body. Takes many hours for the body to expel them.

The UN WHO Diesel Particulate Matter Nanoparticles (DPM) Carcinogen classification mainly to do with Lung Cancer. However, there are other nano DPM health effects that span a far wider than lung cancer and include Bladder Cancer (Latifofic et al, 2015) DNA Damage (Duan et al, 2016) Blood Vessel Function (Mills et al, 2005 )







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